CEO Advisors Inc (CAI) is a unique advisory partnership, which helps CEO's, Owners, and Senior Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises solve their most intractable problems and achieve previously unattainable results. CAI puts the proven strategic and operational skills of two successful former CEO's at the service of its Clients. Together, the CAI Principals have over 30 years experience successfully leading both manufacturing and service businesses in Canada and elsewhere, through a wide variety of economic and market conditions. In addition, each Principal has over 10 years experience in advising and mentoring CEO's from a wide variety of industries and organizations in both the profit and not-for-profit sectors. Whatever your business-related problem or opportunity, one of our Principals will probably have been exposed to it previously and can help you effectively meet it today.

At CAI the Principals do the work - not relatively inexperienced juniors. They are both fully engaged with every Client and are committed to providing continuing advice and support for your objectives. As a CAI Client you not only have access to the experience, skills and wisdom of the Principals, you have their firm commitment to effectively transfer these skills to you and your organization.

Whether you are facing a situation, which may require a major strategic or organizational overhaul or need to address a more specific functional problem, CAI can help. If your organization is struggling to deal with the current set of economic circumstances CAI can help you develop effective and innovative solutions its Principals have had to face similar circumstances at least twice in the past 20 years. We can not only help you develop innovative strategies but also provide realistic and effective advice on how to implement the necessary changes - which is often the more difficult and important challenge.